About Us

Thank you Detroit for 9 years of business!

Since 2007 DetroitProgress.com has been involved in the business of real estate investing in low-middle income housing within the Detroit area. We will be actively marketing both our wholesale and retail homes on the website along with updates on our progress. Our long term goals are to provide low income housing to families and investors for the purposes of rehabilitation and revitalization of local homes and neighborhoods.  Our target areas are blighted and underutilized neighborhoods with low-middle occupancy rates.

In the past, one half of the partnership has been actively involved in the property preservation business of foreclosed homes. This business has allowed DetroitProgress.com to build relationships with banks involved in low-middle income housing financed in Detroit. The relationship has provided an opportunity to purchase foreclosed homes in bulk at below market values. Our strong relationship with several banks gives us the opportunity to purchase properties before they become available to the public or listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS); and effectively puts DetroitProgress.com at the front of the distribution channels of foreclosed housing.

An amazing opportunity has been created by the sub-prime mortgage meltdown; will you profit from it? Detroit has seen record numbers of foreclosures with one of the highest rates in the country.  Detroit is poised for a major comeback and earmarked as the next big revitalization city!  A joint effort between the State of Michigan, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, newly appointed Mayor Mike Duggan and staff, and several other financial institutions and non-profit organizations.

Join us by investing and improving one of the United States most historic and treasured cities.

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