2200 Poland $12,500


Here is a multifamily lot with two buildings.  The first building is an up and down duplex that is rent ready.  It is next to the American Axle plant and the lower unit could be converted to convenience store (it was corner store in the past).  In the back of the lot is a 4 unit apartment with a two bedroom, two one bedrooms, and studio apartments.  This unit is a steal at only $12.5k since the most recent transactions were in the 200k+ range.

Financing terms are available with $2,500 down and 2 payments of $5000

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Property Details

Listing Price:  $12,500

Address:  2200 Poland

City:  Hamtramck

State:  MI

Zip Code:  48212

County:  Wayne

Style:  Multi Unit

Status:  Sold

MLS #:  NA

Square Feet:  5,000

Bedrooms:  10

Bathrooms:  6

Basement:  Unfinished

Garage:  2 Car Detached

Additional Photos

SAM_3991_1024x768 SAM_4008_1024x768 SAM_4009_576x768 SAM_4006_576x768 SAM_4007_576x768 SAM_4005_1024x768 SAM_4004_1024x768 SAM_4003_1024x768 SAM_4002_1024x768 SAM_4001_1024x768 SAM_4000_1024x768 SAM_3999_576x768 SAM_3998_1024x768 SAM_3997_1024x768 SAM_3996_1024x768 SAM_3995_1024x768 SAM_3994_1024x768 SAM_3993_1024x768 SAM_3992_576x768 SAM_2704_640x480 SAM_2703_640x480 SAM_2702_640x480 SAM_2701_640x480 SAM_2700_640x480 SAM_2699_640x480 SAM_2698_640x480 SAM_2697_640x480 SAM_2696_640x480 SAM_2695_640x480 SAM_2694_640x480 SAM_2693_640x480 SAM_2692_640x480 SAM_2691_640x480 SAM_2690_640x480 SAM_2689_640x480 SAM_2688_640x480 SAM_2687_640x480 SAM_2686_640x480 SAM_2685_640x480 SAM_2684_640x480 SAM_2683_640x480 SAM_2682_640x480 SAM_2681_640x480 SAM_2680_640x480 SAM_2679_640x480 SAM_2678_640x480 SAM_2677_640x480 SAM_2676_640x480 SAM_2675_640x480 SAM_2674_640x480 SAM_2673_640x480 SAM_2672_640x480 SAM_2671_640x480 SAM_2670_640x480 SAM_2669_640x480 SAM_2668_640x480 SAM_2667_640x480 SAM_2666_640x480 SAM_2665_640x480 SAM_2664_640x480 SAM_2663_640x480 SAM_2662_640x480 SAM_2661_640x480

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